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What Dogs Do When We're Not Looking ...

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Thursday May 1 2014

I must admit that I am "one of THOSE people" who loves snuggling with my dog on the bed.  She's so adorable and gives me the biggest puppy eyes that will melt my heart in an instant.  She definitely knows how to "work it" and get what she wants!  As soon as my husband gets out of bed in the morning and heads to the bathroom to brush his teeth, Baylee hops up onto the bed into his spot and snuggles into my side.  It's one of the best things and I look forward to it every morning.  Below is a video of a dog who definitely knows how to enjoy the bed -- despite her "parents" not allowing her on the bed ... it makes me laugh every time I watch it!

Hidden Camera Catches Dog Partying on the Bed While No One's Home

by Jay Hathaway

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A dog owner left his pit bull alone and left a camera rolling in the bedroom. Also rolling in the bedroom: The dog. Cue "Yakety Sax."

The dog is apparently "not allowed" on the bed, but good luck with that. Judging from the cat's non-reaction, this happens all the time.


You can find the original article HERE and the YouTube video HERE.

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