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Does Lifestyle Have an Effect on Your Gut Bacteria?

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Monday June 16 2014

A very important part of my "information gathering" process with each new patient is to determine what their digestive health is like: What is their diet like?  How often do they have a bowel movement?  Are there any weird colours?  Are there any food particles?  Do they experience gas and/or bloating?  There are so many questions to ask with respect to their digestion that helps to give me different clues that help me put pieces of the puzzle together for each patient.  The balance of good and bad bacteria is very important, and I often speak to patients regarding the importance of their diet and sometimes the need for probiotics.  However, I recently came across this article that I will have to do a bit more research into and may influence the gut bacteria discussion to include lifestyle changes as well.

An article was published in the journal, Gut, where the researchers studied the gut bacteria of professional athletes from an internal rugby team versus a group of controls who were matched in physical size, age and gender.  Interestingly, the researchers discovered that the gut bacteria of the professional athletes had a greater variety of gut bacteria than the control group.  It is a relatively small study, but it is interesting nonetheless, and will hopefully lead to more research with respect to gut health and exercise.

You can find the abstract HERE.

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