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What Your Poop Tells You About Your Health

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Monday June 23 2014

I talk about poop with essentially every new patient that walks in through my door.  A friend/colleague of mine shared the following link, and it's a great summary of what your poop can tell you about your current health.  Take a look and let me know what you think.

Infographic: How Well Do You Know Your Sh*t?

With its less than enticing scent, and unattractive physique, nobody wants to give their poop a second glance. The general rule when it comes to poop is – you do the deed quickly, and flush immediately.

While it’s no bed of roses, the next time you’re in the toilet doing the Number 2, take a look at your work of art before you flush. The brown blob in the toilet bowl can divulge little secrets about your health condition, since it’s the product of the waste from your body.

You might curse us for coming up with this cute little infographic, but you really should know your sh*t better. Enjoy:

Healthworks Poop Infographic


Here’s a family-friendly version if you want to show it to your kids 

Poop Infographic - Family Friendly Version



You can find the original article HERE.

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