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Sunday June 1 2014

My husband often sends me funny dog links to look at because he knows it will brighten my day.  Here's one that made me laugh this week.  Hope it brings a smile to your face to start off this month too!

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Thursday, 15 May 2014 00:00

Fun Facts About Dogs and Cats

Thursday May 15 2014

I have *always* been a dog person at heart, but as many of my patients have heard over the last few months, I have discovered I do in fact have a soft spot for cats -- specifically our new "kitten" Griffin.  I like to say that I "lost my mind" back in September because Jeff and I lived in a 2 bedroom apartment in The Beaches with my dog Baylee and his cats, Squid and Pretzel.  One week before we moved into our new apartment in Leaside AND just over 1 month before our wedding, I decided that it would be a great idea to add to our already large fur family but rescuing a little grey and white kitten!  I didn't realize that dogs and cats could get along so well (other than the random photo that you see online!), but Baylee and Griffin fast became friends.  The following article from Huffington Post is just a fun article with a bunch of interesting facts and tidbits about dogs and cats!

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Thursday, 01 May 2014 00:00

What Dogs Do When We're Not Looking ...

Thursday May 1 2014

I must admit that I am "one of THOSE people" who loves snuggling with my dog on the bed.  She's so adorable and gives me the biggest puppy eyes that will melt my heart in an instant.  She definitely knows how to "work it" and get what she wants!  As soon as my husband gets out of bed in the morning and heads to the bathroom to brush his teeth, Baylee hops up onto the bed into his spot and snuggles into my side.  It's one of the best things and I look forward to it every morning.  Below is a video of a dog who definitely knows how to enjoy the bed -- despite her "parents" not allowing her on the bed ... it makes me laugh every time I watch it!

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Tuesday April 15 2014

This article made me giggle quite a bit when I stumbled across it.  All I have to say is "oh dogs!".

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Tuesday, 01 April 2014 00:00

Dogs and Magic Tricks

Tuesday April 1 2014

Anyone who has me or knows me already has an idea that I am a HUGE animal-lover.  I've had a pet of some sort (various fishes, hamsters, rats, dogs and cats!) my entire life, and they bring great joy to everyone around them.  So, I've decided to branch off the health and wellness blog posts and try to post random dog/cat videos, photos or articles twice a month for you to just read/watch and laugh!

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