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Monday January 13 2014

My husband and I currently only have 4 "fur babies" and we only just got married a few months ago!  However, if and when we have the chance to raise a couple of little Jeffs and/or Moiras, I am going to have to keep the following tips from Yvelette Stines of Mind Body Green in mind.  I hope that these tips are practically helpful for you - please do let me know which ones work well and which ones don't!

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Monday November 11 2013

I read an interesting article today regarding the effect of exercising in pregnant women that was published .  A group of researchers from the University of Montreal looked at mothers during their last two trimesters of their pregnancies who maintained moderate cardiovascular exercise in comparison to those who were sedentary.  They monitored EEG results of the infants and found that infants of mothers who were physically active had more mature cerebral activity, which the researchers concluded that their brains were more rapidly developed.  

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Monday, 05 August 2013 08:07

Barbie Doll Based on Real Proportions

Monday August 5 2013

I stumbled across the great article at The Gloss on an artist who took it upon himself to create and compare what the traditional "Barbie Doll" versus a "Barbie" based on the body measurements of an average 19 year old female.  This story behind it has definitely got some traction to it and has been making the rounds on the media outlets!  

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Monday, 22 April 2013 14:32

Change the Way You Talk to Little Girls

Mon Apr 22 2013

I came across this wonderful article by Lisa Bloom, who is an award-winning journalist, legal analyst, trial attorney, the daughter of renowned women's rights attorney, Gloria Allred, and authored the book Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed Down World.  It was a reminder of what we can each do in order to change women's perception of themselves, and I for one will definitely be changing the way I speak to any little girl from now on in attempt to change the world, one little girl at a time.


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Monday February 25 2013

An interesting article was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (here) a couple of weeks ago that was all over the media outlets regarding the potential benefits of a vaginal birth and breast-feeding.

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