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Monday, 21 April 2014 00:00

Green Tea Benefits to Cognition

Monday April 21 2014

My grandparents have always been avid green tea drinkers, and I guess it's just a big part of my ancestry!  I've always loved a great cup of steaming hot green tea and it's a great way to end a busy day.  Below is an article that further supports the great cognitive benefits of green tea that I'm happy to share with you!

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Monday July 9 2012

As all of my patients know, I’m a huge dog person!  Growing up, I would always bombard my parents with any tidbit of information regarding the benefits of dogs − if only this study came out way back then!  It *only* took me 16 years to get my first dog, but my Dad finally made my annual birthday wish come true when he agreed to get me a Golden Retriever puppy for my 16th birthday.  Her name was Sandy, and I fell in love the second that I saw her. 

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Monday, 25 June 2012 08:01

Osteoporosis in Men

Monday June 25 2012

I came across this great article in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism on the guidelines that have been drawn up regarding osteoporosis in men.

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Monday, 15 August 2011 08:23

Breast Cancer & Weight Lifting

Monday August 15 2011

Lymphedema is the swelling of one arm or leg due to the blockage of lymphatic drainage, resulting in the build up of lymph fluid.  

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Monday, 24 October 2011 11:00

BPA & Children

Monday October 24 2011

I read an interesting article today regarding the effects of bisphenol A (BPA) on behavioural and executive function in children.  The study involved 244 mothers and their 3 year old children.  BPA levels  in the urine were measure in the mother at 16 weeks gestation, 26 weeks gestation and at birth, and in the child at 1 year of age, 2 years of age and 3 years of age.  According to the results, each 10 fold increase in gestation BPA concentrations was associated with more anxious and depressed behaviour, and poorer emotional control and inhibition.  Interestingly, the magnitude of the gestational BPA associations depending on the gender of the child, with a larger effect on girls than boys.

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Monday, 21 November 2011 21:18

Birth Control Pills & Prostate Cancer

Monday November 21 2011

I read a very interesting article on the potential association between birth control pills and prostate cancer last week.  

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Monday December 12 2011

A British study looked at 14 lifestyle factors that contribute to cancer: smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, lack of fruits and vegetables in the diet, lack of fibre, eating red and processed meats, eating too much salt, being overweight or obese, lack of physical exercise, exposure to ionizing radiation, exposure to ultraviolet radiation, occupational exposures (eg. asbestos), infections (eg. HPV or human papillomavirus, taking post-menopausal hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and lack of breast feeding.  They found that 45% of all cancers in men and 40% of all cancers in women were caused by lifestyle factors.

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Monday December 26 2011

Danish researchers looked at 37,661 women who were hospitalized for endometriosis between 1977 to 2007.  During an average follow-up of 13 years, 228 women were diagnosed with ulcerative colitis (UC) and 92 women were diagnosed with Crohn’s disease (CD) − this corresponds to a 50% and 60% increased risk, respectively, when compared to the general population.  Interestingly, this association is still apparently at 20 years after the diagnosis of endometriosis!

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