Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) Gastritis

H. pylori gastritis is defined as inflammation  in the gastric mucosa (stomach lining).


It is most commonly found in alcoholics, patients taking NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and critically ill patients.  However, H. pylori infections with the presence of gastritis is present in 30-50% of the population but the majority of the people do not present with any symptoms!  The prevalence increase with age from < 10% in Caucasians younger than 40 years of age to > 50% in patients older than 50 years of age.


The causes for H. pylori gastritis include:

  • Idiopathic (unknown)
  • Alcohol or stress
  • Medications such as NSAIDs (especially aspirin)
  • Radiation
  • Direct trauma such as nasogastric tubes
  • Infection − bacterial (eg. H. pylori) or viral (eg. cytomegalovirus) infections
  • Crohn's disease
  • Bile reflux, liver failure or pancreatic enzyme reflux
  • Kidney failure


The most commonly experienced signs and symptoms include:

  • Generally non-specific signs and symptoms
  • Foul-smelling breath
  • Anorexia, nausea and/or vomiting, abdominal bloating or abdominal tenderness
  • Coffee-ground appearance of stools


The following diagnostic tools are often used to diagnose H. pylori gastritis:

  • Urea breath test
  • H. pylori IgA and IgG antibodies
  • H. pylori stool antigen
  • Rapid urease test (RUT)
  • endoscopy with biopsy


From a Naturopathic standpoint, Dr. Moira Kwok ND will obtain a very thorough medical history in order to put all of your "puzzle pieces" together to form a whole picture of everything that is going on from a health perspective.  From this holistic approach to treatment, she will put together an individualized treatment plan based on a combination of dietary and lifestyle recommendations, supplements, botanicals, acupuncture and/or IV therapy that is based on your specific case. 



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