Rates @ Adelaide Health Clinic

Naturopathic Consultations:

Initial Consultation               60 min     $225

Follow-Up Consultation         45 min     $110

                                        30 min     $ 90

                                        15 min     $ 65


Acupuncture Appointments:

Acupuncture                        30 min     $ 90

Cosmetic Acupuncture           45 min     $110


Intravenous Appointments:

Myers Cocktail                                     $120 (HST applicable to $30 for the IV product)


Laboratory Tests:

Food Sensitivity Testing                        cost dependent on specific test ordered

Hormone Panel                                    cost dependent on specific test ordered




** Many private health insurance policies cover Naturopathic Medicine and/or Acupuncture as a part of their extended healthcare plans.  Check with your benefit plan regarding coverage!